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Seminar documents for Julian Alston, University of California-Davis, presented Aug. 30, 2013.

Click here to view: The Effects of Farm Commodity and Retail Food Policies on Obesity and Economic Welfare in the United States. Abigail M. Okrent and Julian M. Alston.

Click here to view: How Have Agricultural Policies Influenced Caloric Consumption in the United States? Bradley J. Rickard, Abigail M. Okrent and Julian M. Alston.

Click here to view: Could a Calorie Tax or Cuts in Farm Subsidies Reduce Obesity? Julian M. Alston, Abigail M. Okrent, and Bradley J. Rickard.

Click here to view: Impact of Agricultural Policies on Caloric Consumption. Julian M. Alston, Abigail M. Okrent, and Bradley J. Rickard.

Click here to view: The External Health-Care Cost of Obesity in the United States. Joanna Parks, Julian M. Alston, and Abigail M. Okrent.

Click here to view: Effects of U.S. Public Agricultural R&D on U.S. Obesity and Its Social Costs. Julian M. Alston, Abigail M. Okrent, and Joanna Parks.

Click here to view: Click Here To View Alstons’ UC-Davis Faculty Profile Page http://Agecon.Ucdavis.Edu/People/Faculty/Julian-Alston/

Click here to download Bob Reagan's seminar documents. The Sentence (held April 26, 2013) and The Paragraph (held October 5, 2012)

  • Dr. Mykel Taylor, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics and Extension Economist at Kansas State University presented a seminar "The Impacts of Policy and Macroeconomic Condititions on Horse Markets." Her research and extension programs are focused in the areas of crop marketing and farm management. seminars


  • Dr. Barrett E. Kirwan, Assistant Professor in the Agricultural and Consumer Economics Department at the University og Illinois, Urbana- Champaign presented a seminar titled "Charity Hazard in Crop Insurance."


  • Dr. Nathan Hendricks, Assistant Professor of Agricultural Economics at Kansas Stata University presented "The Dynamics of Crop Acreage Response to Price: Problems of Aggregation and Pooling". His research interests include supply analysis and agricultural and environmental policy. He currently reaches undergraduate classes on global and environmental issues in agriculture.


  • Dr. Kondapi Srinivas, professor and principal scientist of Agricultural Economics at India's National Academy of Agricultural Research Management, presented "Microfinance in India." Srinivas was a visiting scholar in K-State's Department of Agricultural Economics during April 2011.
  • Dr. Steven Wu, Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics at Purdue University, presented "Contract Theory and Implications for Advanced Biofuels Contracting." Archived Presentation
  • Mariah Ehmke, University of Wyoming, presented "Mother-Child Economic Behavior, Family Dynamics, and Tendency Toward Obesity." Read more here 
  • Jeff LaFrance Distinguished Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics in the School of Economic Sciences, at Washington State University presented "Making Sense of Agricultural Production, Risk Management, and Arbitrage Decisions." 
  • Dr. Konstantinos Giannakas, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, presented "Economic Effects of Purity Standards in Food Labeling Laws."
  • Dr. Susan Capalbo, Department Head & Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics from Oregon State University entitled "Leadership and Other Challenges Facing Agricultural & Resource Economics Departments."
  • Dr. Amalie (Emie) Yiannaka, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, "Getting Away with Robbery? Patenting Behavior with the Threat of Infringement." Link to paper
  • Dr. Greg Perry, Oregon State University, "What is the Future of the Agricultural Economics Profession?" See the archived presentation here
  • Dr. Chad Hart, Center for Agricultural & Rural Development, Iowa State University, "Bottlenecks and Oil Price Spikes: Impact on U.S. Ethanol and Agriculture"
  • Dr. Hongli Feng, Iowa State University, “The Allocation of Nutrient Load Reduction across a Watershed: Assessing Delivery Coefficients as an Implementation Tool.”
  • Dr. Jayson Lusk, Oklahoma State University, “Do Your Neighbors Know You Better than Themselves? A Prediction-Based Non-Market Valuation Method.”
  • Dr. Francoise Goulard, ESA-Purpan, France, “A Bio-Economic Model Evaluating Policy Cross-Compliance at the Farm Level.”
  • Dr. Scott Irwin, University of Illinois, “The Performance of Agricultural Market Advisory Services in Corn and Soybeans.”
  • Dr. Stephan Marette, INRA-INAPG, Paris & Card, Iowa State University, “Common Labels and Market Mechanisms.”
  • Dr. Laurian Unneverh, University of Illinois, “Food, Information, and Public Health: What Have We Learned After a Decade of New Policy.”
  • Dr. Peter F. Orazem, Iowa State University, “Labor Market Implications of Rising Costs of Employer-Provided Health Insurance.”
  • Dr. Dermot J. Hayes, Iowa State University, “Application of Geographic Indicator Concept in the U.S.”
  • Dr. Chris Peterson, Michigan State University, “Entrepreneurs, Innovation & Agriculture: A New Research Agenda.”
  • Drs. David Darling, Joseph Aistrup, Michael Babcock, David Norman and Wayne Nafziger, Kansas State University, “The Essentials of Economic Development: What Every Economist Should Understand.”
  • Dr. Bailey Norwood, Oklahoma State University, “Show Me the Money! The Value of College Graduate Attributes as Expressed by Employers and Perceived by Students.”
  • Dr. Michael Boland, Kansas State University, “Benchmarking Our Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral Programs Against Other Agricultural Economics Departments: Data from the National Food and Agribusiness Management Education Databases.”
  • Dr. James R. Coffman, Kansas State University, “The Relevance of the Land Grant Mission in the 21st Century: Part III.”
  • Dr. Gary Brester, Montana State University, “Distributional Impacts of Country of Origin Labeling.”
  • Dr. Luther Tweeten, The Ohio State University, “The Relevance of the Land Grant Mission in the 21st Century: Part II.”
  • Dr. John Schnittker, Schnittker Associates, “Presidential Power and Farm Policy Reform.”
  • Dr. Neil E. Harl, Iowa State University, “The Relevance of the Land Grant Mission in the 21st Century: Part I.”